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color play vol. 15

Beach-y thoughts and this lovely color palette to inspire you this Thursday.  Hope you guys have a nice, long holiday weekend in front of you!
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Lily Schlosser

a girl and her dog

Our dog, Winston, is often behind the scenes during a blog shoot.  For today’s outfit post I wanted him with me in front of the camera.  Most of the time I was just trying my darndest to get him to look at me.  It was really hot and his body language sort of said, “What is happening?  What are we doing here?  Why are you just staring at me?”  All valid questions, my boy.  If only you knew what it meant to be a fashion blogger…
lily schlosser || style blogger

dress – h&m conscious (similar)

shoes – latigo (similar)

necklace – crescioni

lily schlosser || style blogger lily schlosser || style blogger lily schlosser || style blogger

Lily Schlosser

minnow bathers

You might remember my impassioned post about bathings suits a few weeks back and, in that post, I promised that I would find more comfortable bathing suits and share those finds with you.  I believe I found another great brand called Minnow Bathers, although I haven’t had a chance to try any of their styles on yet.  I love the design of the high-waisted suits below and I’m always a fan of a black one piece.  Just in time for Fourth of July weekend!

minnows bathers via

minnows bathers via

Lily Schlosser


I’ve been talking a lot in recent months about my efforts to clean out clothing that no longer works for me and invest in higher quality, basic clothing.  I’m going to continue building on my experience with today’s brief post.  One thing I really love about curating a wardrobe filled with basics is the ability to style those pieces in many ways.  I’ve worn the tank and pants below many times before in various settings.  With a pair of leather slides and a messy bun, I’m all set for an afternoon of jewelry making.  With my granma’s gifted necklace from her closet and my favorite comfortable sandals from Madewell, the look was perfect for Father’s Day dinner a few weekends back.  So, although it took time and effort to save for these pieces and plan the perfect options, the effort paid off.  This process has been ongoing and a lot of work, but I’m really glad that I’ve started to be more cognizant of the way I consume.

lily schlosser || style blogger

blouse – elizabeth suzann

pants – elizabeth suzann

shoes – madewell

necklace – a gift from my grandma’s closet

lily schlosser || style blogger lily schlosser || style blogger

Lily Schlosser

Links to inspire and amuse this weekend.  Hope you all enjoy!

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I came across Goldyn boutique’s awesome project called I AM which showcases amazing female entrepreneurs, makers, designers, and all around badasses based in Colorado.  Some of my favorite features are this, this, and this.  Super inspiring.  P.s. Goldyn just so happens to also carry Eli & Barry jewelry. :)


The perfect homemade summer soda.

If you missed the Madewell sale I blogged about on Tuesday, they’re continuing the fun with 20% off their sale section with the code META20.  This is pretty and less than $10!

Totally in love with this necklace.

A gorgeous dress made for hot days.

Feeling ALL the feels.

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