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Hello out there, my little blogging world! I know what you might be thinking: “Where the heck has this girl been?” Well, for the past few months I’ve been transitioning out of style blogging and into focusing on my clothing brand, Eli & Barry. This was not an easy decision to make, but I knew it was what I wanted after contemplating it for many months. Luckily for you blog lovers, Eli & Barry’s new website (launching June 5th) will have a blog element! There you will find styled posts, musings about running my own brand, and more. I want to say thank you for all of your years of following along on my journey. Us creative folk need community to move forward. I hope you’ll continue to follow Eli & Barry by bookmarking my web shop and signing up for e-mail updates. This blog will stay live for the time being, but will eventually just be a landing page. Thank you, again.

Below are images I shot of the new Eli & Barry pieces. Styling and photography by me and Emma Meeks is the model.

Eli & Barry s/s 2017 offerings 

Lily Schlosser

fancy tiger crafts feature

When James and I first moved back to Denver just over two years ago, I knew I wanted to get involved in the creative community here just as I had back in Columbus, Ohio while we lived there. Fancy Tiger Crafts here in Denver has become a hub of creative individuals and women lifting each other up. That’s why I’m so honored to be featured on their blog this week! I talked all about what inspires me to create and crafting as activism. Be sure to read the full interview here.

They asked me to style some of my handmade clothes as part of the feature. Those looks are below!

top – eli & barry

pants – merchant & mills (me-made)

booties – madewell (similar and on sale!)

hat – zion lion hat in crazy sexy wool (me-made)

jacket – story mfg (sold out)

jeans – vintage levis

socks – madeline tosh (me-made)

shoes – dansko (thrifted)

Lily Schlosser

We’ve already talked about Eli & Barry tunic 1 and pullover 1…shall we dive in deeper and talk t-shirt 1?

sizing: One Size ranging from 0-12.

fabric content: I loved the material that makes up t-shirt 1 as soon as I saw it. It’s 100% cotton, which is wonderfully breathable and durable. It has a subtle texture to it and the fading is reminiscent of your boyfriend’s old t-shirt.

styling: Wear this everyday basic with a great pair of vintage Levi 501s and slides in the summer. Layer it up with a great jacket, beanie, and ankle boots in cold weather.

design process: This was the first shirt a pattern drafted by myself! It then went through quite a few iterations until I was pleased with the way it looked. When I first began my career in fashion, I wrote a blog about my quest to find the perfect t-shrit. I’m still obsessed with this quest to this day. I want the perfect drape, the perfect length, a neckline that isn’t too large or too fitted…there’s a lot that goes into such a simple garment. This t-shirt hits a lot of these bullet points for me. The neckline was actually the biggest challenge for me when it came to designing and pattern drafting this shirt. I wanted it to fit over a large variety of heads (ha) but not be so wide that it exposed bra straps. I think I achieved this balance thanks to making many a friend try this on to be sure that it fit. I also played with the hemline a lot and where it should hit. I wanted this t-shirt to work with a variety of pants options, but still be a bit cropped which gives it a flattering and modern look. It has a simple construction: just two pieces of fabric come together to form this tee. There’s a structure and an ease to it which I just adore.

Purchase the Eli & Barry t-shirt 1 in faded black cotton here

Lily Schlosser

Feeling like you need something to believe in? Like politics in the United States are a complete mess and you want to take a tiny bit of action? Try supporting your favorite local businesses. Okay, and try calling your senators if we’re talking politics. But when you support a local business, you help to defy the hegemonic structure that is fast fashion. By supporting a small business, you say it’s not okay to have your clothing be produced in un-safe work conditions. You’re saying that it’s better to have ethically sourced materials. You’re saying that you’d rather put someone to work here than keep someone else in another country in terrible working conditions. Convinced yet? Here’s more…

And Instagram buddy of mine, Morgan of Two Fold Clothing, has launched her own clothing business in the hopes of addressing some of the above issues. Please consider helping fund her Kickstarter campaign and get some damn beautiful clothing in the process.


Lily Schlosser

shaina mote for the win

I think Shaina Mote’s spring 2017 collection is pretty divine. I love the wrap pants (a style I’m loving these days), the pleats, and the layers of beautiful cream fabric. It’s been freakishly warm in Denver and I’m trying not to get ahead of myself thinking that spring is here…


Lily Schlosser