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I’ve been finding a lot of really great new blogs (well, new to me) that I’m hoping to share with you guys in the coming weeks!  One is A Pair and A Spare, which is a DIY blog.  I don’t really “DIY” many things, but I’m finding more and more fashion blogs that show you cool ways to re-purpose pieces you already own or create new pieces on a budget!  I loved this post on A Pair and A Spare on how to make a pretty chain camera strap.  I might try it instead with a piece of fabric or a really thick colorful ribbon.  I’ll let you guys know if I try it!

For the full post on how to make this chain, click here.

Also, be sure to head over to my friend Molly’s blog, lovely and rust, today because she did a very sweet post about me and lucky star!  Thanks again, Molly!

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