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it’s the weekend vol. 47

Todays links post features some blogs that I read that feel honest, empowering and beautiful to me. I hope you’ll follow them along. Happy Friday!

something concerning everything occurring

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Something Concerning Everything Occurring – a blog full of lovely observations, read this particularly sweet one.

A Well Traveled Woman (here and here) – she took the entire summer off from blogging to focus on parenting and I found that so respectable.

Into Mind – you might already know my love and respect for this blog (which I talked about here), but here, again, is the blog post about not dressing for your body type.

Cup of Joe – Joanna is a pretty popular blogger and for good reason. She’s incredibly honest. I really admired her bravery in this post about her struggle with postpartum anxiety and depression.

Me & Orla – she has a lovely series on her blog called Notes for my Daughter, read one here.

Lily Schlosser

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