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After some interest via Instagram, I wanted to share with you all a few of our favorite spots we visited during our trip to New Mexico last month! We chose New Mexico for our vacation because it’s an easy drive from Denver (about 5.5 hours to Santa Fe) and New Mexico is a magical place. More on THAT below.

So here’s how our we spent our trip: we stopped in Taos for two nights on our way out to Santa Fe. Looking back we’d probably do just one night in Taos since it is quite small (population size 5,000) and you can cover a lot of ground in a shorter amount of time. We went on to Santa Fe for four nights which was a perfect amount of time to explore a lot of what the city has to offer. And then we finished our trip out with a three night stay at the Mineral Springs Resort and Spa in Ojo Caliente which was very relaxing.

So here’s my suggested breakdown of how I’d spend our trip if we did it again: one night in Taos, four nights in Santa Fe with a day trip to Espanola, and one night stay the resort at Ojo Caliente.

Below you’ll find a list of my favorite things we did in each place.


Bent Street – this is your street for galleries, shops and all around quaintness. A great first walk after a long drive to stretch those legs out.

Taos Pueblo – beautiful structures and important lessons in history.

Common Thread – I found this adorable little fabric shop in the plaza right off of Bent Street and was utterly thrilled. You’ll find anything from gorgeous Pendleton textiles to raw silk.

The Adobe Bar at the Historic Taos Inn – they have live music in the lobby every night and a great patio. We actually stayed at the Inn for the duration of the Taos portion of our trip which was completely comfortable, but not outstanding. It’s still a fun spot to visit since it’s been around for so long.

The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House – after a long day of travel and walking, we just wanted some comfort food! This place looks pretty un-assuming, but the food was delicious and you can obviously get a great beer while you munch.

new mexico travel guide ||

So many adorable corners to discover along Bent Street.

new mexico travel guide ||

Taos Pueblo

Santa Fe 

Meow Wolf – watch this Ted talk and then go see for yourself. This art experience boasts 20,000 square feet of interactive fun. I would suggest going during the week and right at open (10am). We practically had the place to ourselves and we heard that it can be very crowded during the weekend. I was a little nervous going in because of the passageways and crawl spaces since I’m claustrophobic, but I did just fine. Go early if you get anxious in crowded/small spaces!

Santa Fe Dry Goods/Workshop – The two most outstanding boutiques in Santa Fe and owned by the same folks. Workshop is the newer of the two and it carries beautiful clothes at a lower price point than its sister store (favorite brands I found were Black Crane, Rundholz and Trippen). Santa Fe Dry Goods is where I got to see clothes by clothing designer Issey Miyake for the first time in person and I couldn’t help but smile at the outrageous and sculptural silhouettes. Both stores are a must see.

Native American Vendors Program – there’s a whole lot of gorgeous jewelry to purchase in Santa Fe and a lot of the stores charge big bucks for turquoise jewelry made by Native American artisans. Why not go straight to the source and purchase some jewelry from the Native American Vendors Program? They are set up just off of the main plaza in the Palace of the Governors Mansion walkway. Vendors are there most days, but weekends seem to bring the most vendors. It’s a great place to buy gifts for your loved ones, like the person who watered your plants and took care of your dog while you were gone. :)

Beestro – I’m not even a sandwich person and I wanted to go to this grab-and-go deli more than once while we were in town. The soups are delicious and the club sandwich is out of this world.

Hotel Saint Francis – this historic hotel has a gorgeous lobby and a great patio for sipping your five o’clock drink. We stayed here for the duration of our Santa Fe visit. The hotel is beautiful, but quite old and creaky. Our room was very small and felt a little cramped for four nights. In the future, we’d probably find a great Airbnb or rent a casita for our stay.

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meow wolf

new mexico travel guide ||

The tunic that I purchased from Workshop by Berlin-based designer Rundholtz

new mexico travel guide ||

My touch-of-turquoise earrings from the Native American Vendors Program


Española Valley Fiber Arts Center – we took a day trip to Espanola specifically to visit the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center (EVFAC). The EVFAC is a non-profit organization that supports fiber artists with education, resources and supplies for sale. We did their walk in and weave class and it did not disappoint. An instructor taught us how to use the loom and James and I both got to weave small rugs. It was definitely a highlight and we loved being able to take a part of our trip home with us.

El Parasol – we took a break in the middle of our weaving day and had a delicious lunch at this gem of a restaurant. They have a taco stand outside which is a great option if you don’t want a sit-down meal.

new mexico travel guide || lilyschlosser.comweaving rugs at the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center
new mexico travel guide ||

Ojo Caliente

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa – the town of Ojo Caliente is famous for its hot springs that are said to have healing powers. We stayed a few nights at the lovely resort that house the hot springs. We tried out each pool and delighted in the natural mud fountain (my skin looked great!) The restaurant at the resort (the only one) is pricey but very delicious and is a great finish to a day of hot springs lounging. The resort also hosts yoga classes in their yoga yurt, which was a cool experience.

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signs of a good day – favorite bathing suit and tevas

new mexico travel guide ||

yoga in the yoga yurt

And that’s about it! Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to bookmark/Pin this post for future reference.

Lily Schlosser

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