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all about: eli & barry tunic 1 in cream

I’m staring a new mini series on the blog today called “all about” where I’ll tell you in more detail about my clothing and jewelry line, Eli & Barry. Eli & Barry became a dream of mine over three years ago when I toured my family’s jewelry manufacturing company in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My grandfather had acquired the company with the hopes that jewelry production would never be outsourced to China. Boy, was he wrong. Many jewelry manufacturers outsource most if not all of their production outside the United States. With that reality weighing on me, I had the idea to start my own company with products made locally. It was a way to honor my grandfather’s original vision and create the type of company that I believe in: one with local production. Originally, all of my offerings were produced in house in the factory in Colorado Springs. Eventually, I learned how to make jewelry and, last year (2016), clothing. So most everything you see in my online store is made by me and, if it’s not made by me, it’s made in that small factory in the Springs. The name of that small factory is Elliott Barry, which inspired the name of my own business.

So with that quick little bio about how I began my business, I’m going to talk about the Eli & Barry tunic 1 in cream today!

sizing: One Size ranging from 00-16.

fabric content: 67% hemp, 33″ recycled poly. The hemp plant is considered sustainable for a number of reasons: it can grow in myriad of climates, it grows quickly and with little water and no pesticides are needed. The skin of hemp is tough, which makes a garment made from hemp sturdier. The recycled polyester in this garment is made from plastic water bottles. Although I don’t usually work with fabric blends, this sustainable and beautiful fabric changed my mind. One great thing about all of my clothes that I sell is that they’re machine washable!

styling: over skinny trousers, over wide-leg trousers, over jeans, under a leather jacket, and (when the weather warms up) alone with a pair of slide sandals.

design process: this style was one that I pulled together just days before we were going to be shooting Eli & Barry clothing. It came together quickly because it was such an intuitive and effortless shape for me. It’s a silhouette that works on a range of bodies and the styling possibilities are endless (see above). I originally had made a sample of this style in a silk crepe, but it felt a little one dimensional. I came across this fabric and knew it was a winner. It has a dreamy drape and a subtle woven texture that sort of brings the piece to life. Or is that the cunning woman that wears it? Hmmm. :) I finished this piece off with a “raw edge” look along the hem. It’s not a true raw edge because it’s finished with a type of stitch that will keep the fibers from unravelling during washes. I think it give a nice counter balance to the femininity of the fabric.

Purchase the Eli & Barry tunic 1 here.

Lily Schlosser

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