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We’ve already talked about Eli & Barry tunic 1 and pullover 1…shall we dive in deeper and talk t-shirt 1?

sizing: One Size ranging from 0-12.

fabric content: I loved the material that makes up t-shirt 1 as soon as I saw it. It’s 100% cotton, which is wonderfully breathable and durable. It has a subtle texture to it and the fading is reminiscent of your boyfriend’s old t-shirt.

styling: Wear this everyday basic with a great pair of vintage Levi 501s and slides in the summer. Layer it up with a great jacket, beanie, and ankle boots in cold weather.

design process: This was the first shirt a pattern drafted by myself! It then went through quite a few iterations until I was pleased with the way it looked. When I first began my career in fashion, I wrote a blog about my quest to find the perfect t-shrit. I’m still obsessed with this quest to this day. I want the perfect drape, the perfect length, a neckline that isn’t too large or too fitted…there’s a lot that goes into such a simple garment. This t-shirt hits a lot of these bullet points for me. The neckline was actually the biggest challenge for me when it came to designing and pattern drafting this shirt. I wanted it to fit over a large variety of heads (ha) but not be so wide that it exposed bra straps. I think I achieved this balance thanks to making many a friend try this on to be sure that it fit. I also played with the hemline a lot and where it should hit. I wanted this t-shirt to work with a variety of pants options, but still be a bit cropped which gives it a flattering and modern look. It has a simple construction: just two pieces of fabric come together to form this tee. There’s a structure and an ease to it which I just adore.

Purchase the Eli & Barry t-shirt 1 in faded black cotton here

Lily Schlosser

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