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this kind of home

Ever since we discovered and purchased our first home, I’ve filled my Pinterest with images of beautiful interiors. After reaching a point of saturation that left me overwhelmed and wishing I had a bottomless budget to create a perfectly cohesive and Pinterest-worty space, I decided to stop and be patient. And I decided that the type of home that I want it live in is the kind I live in already: a home filled with loved furniture the hails from many of the apartments we’ve already shared together, all the places that already felt like home. It also contains family heirlooms, vintage finds and a few IKEA pieces. And while I’ve purchased a few new things for the house (this amazing rug that I got on sale, a guest bed, mattress and linens for guests I’m hopeful will come and a sofa remarkable enough to fit down our nearly 100-year-old curved staircase), I’m excited to see how this space grows over the years. It’s true that the shoes that get kicked off after a long a long day don’t make it into the closet most times, but these tiny little trip hazards are reminders of the life being lived amongst these walls. I’ll continue to collect beautiful images of homes (like the one pictured below) all while keeping the perspecticve that our home is already exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Hope you have a restful weekend, friends. home inspiration via pinterest ||

(image via Pinterest)

Lily Schlosser

the season of the jacket

I’m declaring this spring the season of the jacket. I don’t really know why that is other than the fact that I’ve been super inspired by all sorts of interesting looks featuring jackets, particularly the slightly oversized varieties. This vintage jean jacket I snagged has been on heavy rotation on these warmer Colorado days. I wore it below as is, but I’ve been loving adding a myriad of fun enamel pins to the mix to make it a bit more interesting. Okay, I’ve talked about warmer weather days twice this week now. Forgive me. Let’s get back into winter now.

jacket – vintage from queen city general store

pants – me-made merchant and mills 101 trouser pattern

shoes – c/o everlane

Lily Schlosser

color play vol. 23

This image really struck me when I came across it. Neutrals are what I’m thinking about a lot as I dream of spring and summer. A touch of blush never hurts either.

(image via oroboro

Lily Schlosser

pansy active

I discovered exercise in high school as a way to manage my anxiety and it has become a part of my daily routine since that time. Two years ago when we moved home to Denver, we lived in an apartment just a few feet away from one of the best yoga studios in town, Samadhi Center for Yoga. I got hooked and I’ve been going 4-5 days a week since! It’s the perfect combination of stress relief, breath work and movement that just seems to do the trick for me. I’ve also learned exactly what I want to wear to move in: NO MORE LOW-WAISTED LEGGINGS. I can’t stand ’em. This girl has hips and I like a high-waisted legging to feel comfortable. Pansy, an awesome bra/loungewear brand based in California, just launched an active line and I can’t wait to try it! Lisa Says Gah has some great options and really cool photography and styling.

(images via Lisa Says Gah)

Lily Schlosser

Well hello to my little blogging world! I’ve missed you! I took this last two weeks off of work completely after my crazy month of December events with Eli & Barry. I let myself sleep in a bit, do all the yoga I wanted, walk for miles and make some clothes for myself that I had had on my to-do list. I have to say that I feel totally refreshed and ready to take on 2017 after my two week break. I can’t wait to see what the year holds! So here I am wearing my me-made Berlin Jacket from Tessuti Fabrics. I picked a dreamy Italian wool blend that has turned out to be great since somehow I’m not finding it scratchy (most wool drives me nuts.) I also have a pair of pants to show you and some socks that I’ve been working on. Soon soon!

jacket – berlin jacket from tessuti fabrics (me made)

top – eli & barry (my apparel line!)

jeans – c/o madewell

boots – kodiak

hat – norse projects

pins – assorted

Lily Schlosser